Special Requirements for Places

Consent of the Property Owner(s)

The written consent of the property / landowner(s) is required if the applicant is not the property or landowner; otherwise, the HSMBC will not consider the application for designation.

If a place belongs to a large number of owners, as in the case of historic districts, consent may take the form of a municipal resolution supporting the application.

Before the HSMBC begins evaluating a potential national historic site related to the history of Aboriginal peoples and located on federal or provincial land subject to pending or ongoing land claims, all such claims must first be settled and land ownership clearly established. If the place being nominated for designation is a site on Aboriginal land (i.e. on a reserve) or on private land, that place may be considered by the HSMBC even if land claim negotiations are pending or underway, provided that the written consent of the landowner has been obtained.

Boundaries of the Site Proposed for Designation

Describe clearly and precisely the boundaries of the historic property being proposed for designation. A sketch map must accompany the nomination clearly delineating the descriptive boundaries of the historic property. Where possible, provide a legal description and survey map of the property on which the historic property is located. The boundaries of the historic property submitted for designation need not be the same as the legal boundaries of the property on which it is located.

Components of the Historic Property

Identify all major built and/or natural components of the property. This is particularly important when submitting a historic district or cultural landscape for consideration.

Site Condition

Describe the condition of the site, identifying any existing or potential threats to the integrity of the site.

Additional Documentation

Include in your application recent photographs of the buildings (four sides) as well as interior and exterior details. Please also include plans and elevations as well as an aerial view, if available.

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