List of thematic studies and workshops

9. Appendix – List of Thematic Studies and Workshops

This list includes most of the thematic studies and workshops undertaken at the Board's request. The purpose of these reports has been to provide a broad historical understanding of a topic to support decision making. While many of these studies are now out of date, they still contain significant information and inventories of historic places in Canada and are a significant resource for background information, when appropriate and relevant. 

Reports are in the language of the author and, for the most part, have not been translated.

Thematic Studies

2017-091 “Broadcasting in Canada: Thematic Framework”
2015-011 “Medical Research Discoveries”
2014-018 “Preliminary Study of Purpose-Built and Adapted Clubhouses of Gentlemen's Clubs in Canada”
2014-016 “Extant Grain Elevators in Canada”
2012-025 “Planned Single-Industry Towns in Canada”
2011-029 “Aboriginal Participation in the Exploration of Canada: Commemorative Opportunities”
2010-062 “Early Human Migrations into Canada and the Americas”
2010-045 “Organisations politiques et leaders autochtones au Canada, 1870-1960”
2010-055 “Human Rights and Ethnocultural Communities History in Canada: A Framework for Evaluation”
2010-002 “From ‘Artificial Curiosities' to Art: An Overview of Aboriginal Art Commodity Production in Canada”
2009-025 “European Explorers in Canada: Commemorative Opportunities”
2008-066 “Commemorating Political Parties”
2008-065 “Le patrimoine architectural bancaire”
2007-096 “Commemoration of the First World War”
2007-076 “Organized Labour: A Historical Framework”
2007-026 “Les relations politiques entre le gouvernement canadien et les leaders autochtones dans le sud-ouest de l'Ontario, XVIIIe-XIXe siècles”2007-018 “The Chinese in Canada since 1788: Overview and Commemorative Opportunities”
2005-127 “Governors General in Canada, 1760-1979: Supplementary Information on Mid-20th Century Governors General”
2005-105 “Governors General in Canada, 1760-1979”
2005-104 “Les gouverneurs de la Nouvelle-France, 1608-1760”
2005-103 “Cold War in Canada - Commemorative Opportunities”
2003 (July) “Women's Religious Congregations and Healthcare in Canada”
2003-053 “Persons Associated with the Abolition Movement in British North America”
2003-035 “Guidelines for Evaluating Canadian Architects of Potential NHS”
2002-061 “Broadening the Scope of the Women and Education Framework Study to Reflect Greater Geographical, Ethno-cultural and Aboriginal Diversity”
2002-038 “19th Century Aboriginal Policy and the Model Village Concept in Upper and Lower Canada”
2002-17 “Women and Education: Commemorative Opportunities”
2001-SUA “Coal Mining Landscapes: Commemorating Coal Mining in Alberta and Southeastern British Columbia”
2001-022 “La commémoration des congrégations religieuses des femmes dans le domaine de santé au Québec (1639-1962)”
2000-040 “Personnages Hurons-Wendat”
2000-026 “Immigration Sites on the West Coast, 1840-1940”
2000-022 “Commemorating the Second World War: The Civilian War”
2000-021 “Canadian Military in the Second World War”
2000-A-06 “Submissions on Places of Worship 1919-1999”
1999-SUB “Picking up the Threads. Métis History in the Mackenzie Basin”
1999-SUA “New Brunswick Forest Products Industry Commemoration, Site Selection”
1999-010 “An Approach to Aboriginal Cultural Landscapes”
1998-SUA “The Underground Railway in Canada: Associated Sites”
1998-OB-02 “Toward a Definition of Traditional Cultural Landscapes”
1998-OB-01 “Inuit Traditions, A History of Nunavut and its people”
1998-049 “Framework for Evaluating the National Historic Significance of Lighthouses”
1998-019 “Origins of the Cable Television Industry in Canada”
1998-011 “Women and Work: Commemorative Opportunities”
1997-082 “Residential Buildings, Ensembles, and Sites of the Modern Era: Framework for Analysis”
1997-073 “Rapport sur l'identification de lieux historiques nationaux offrant un potentiel pour la représentation de l'histoire des femmes”
1997-071 “Nursing Residences: Commemoration of Canadian Nursing”
1997-026 “Women and Health Care: Commemorative Opportunities”
1997-021 “Women and Power: Commemorative Opportunities”
1997-SUE “Canadian Settlement Patterns”
1997-SUD “Literary and Artistic Achievements”
1997-SUC “Built Heritage of the Modern Era”
1997-SUB “Historic Engineering Landmarks Project”
1997-SUA “Coal Culture: The History and Commemoration of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia”1996-063 “Projet de commémoration de l'histoire inuit”
1995-A01 “Shipbuilding Commemoration in New Brunswick Site Evaluation Study Phase II”
1995-SUA “New Brunswick Shipbuilding Study”
1995-SUA “The Development of Modernism in Canadian Railway Station Architecture, 1930-1960”
1995-054 “Tugboats, Shipping, and Icebreaking on the Great Lakes”
1995-053 “King Coal: Coal Mining in Canadian History”
1995-020 “Early Chief Justices of British North America”
1994-SUB “Prospective Sites – Relating to Black History in Canada”
1994-A02 “Prospective Sites relating to Black History in Canada”
1994-A01 “New Brunswick Forest Heritage History of the Forest Industries, 1780-1930”
1994-055 “Commemorating Engineering Achievements”
1994-051 “Framework and Criteria for Evaluating Gardens and Parks”
1994-036 “Mi'kmaq Culture History, Kejimkujik National Park, NC”
1994-028B “Commémoration de l'histoire des Premières Nations et des Inuits”
1992-SUA “Extant Engine Houses in Canada”
1992-047 “Current Commemoration of Native Peoples' History”
1992-028 “Suggested Criteria for Evaluating Post-Secondary Educational Institutions – Background and Summary”
1991-OB-07 “The Queen Anne Revival Style in Canada: Supplementary”
1991-046A “Supplementary Report on Atmospheric Theatres”
1991-013 “Commemoration of Northern Native History”
1990-SUD “Businessmen: Suggested Criteria for Evaluating Individuals of Importance in the Canadian Economy”
1990-SUB “The Queen Anne Revival Style in Canadian Architecture”
1990-SUA Feb “Penitentiary Design in Canada before 1950: A Synopsis”
1990-SUA Nov “History of the Petroleum Industry in Alberta”
1990-052 “Significant Examples of the Gothic Revival Style in Canadian Architecture: Supplementary Memorandum on Gothic Revival Villas”1990-41 “Brief History of Electrical Power Transmission”
1990-A03 “Commemoration of Northern Native History”
1990-039 “Significant Examples of the Gothic Revival Style in Canadian Architecture (Supplementary)”
1989-SUC “Significant Examples of the Gothic Revival Style in Canadian Architecture”
1989-SUA “Primary Textile Industry in Canada: A thematic study”
1989-SUA “Architecture of the Drill Hall in Canada”
1989-SUA “Mid-Nineteenth Century Cathedrals”
1989-022 “Commemoration of the American military presence in Newfoundland”
1988-SUA “Canadian Waterways, 1608-1987”
1988-15 “Science and the North, a thematic context for the Churchill Rocket Research Range”
1988-016 “Indian Schools in Canada”
1987-SUB “School Study, Vol. 1 History of School Design in Canada before 1930”
1987-SUC “School Study, Vol. 2 Les premiers établissements scolaires canadiens”
1987-SUD “School Study, Vol. 3 School Architecture in Rural Canada before 1930”
1987-SUE “School Study, Vol. 4 Urban Public Schools in Canada before 1930”
1987-SUF “School Study, Vol. 5 Urban Schools in Canada to 1930”
1987-SUA “A History of Prairie Settlement Patterns, 1870-1930”
1987-031 “Manufacturing locations in Canada: An approach to the identification and study of urban manufacturing complexes”
1987-004 “Collegiate Gothic in Canadian Architecture”
1986-SUC “Catalogue of Significant Extant Textile Mills Built in Canada before 1940”
1986-SUB “Le Régime Seigneurial  Themes, cirteres et synopsis des plus importantes seigneuries QC”
1986-OB-08 Nov “Historic Hydro-electric site selection”
1986-A02 Nov “Arctic Native History, Systems Planning Progress Report”
1986-SUA “Commercial Fisheries of the Canadian Great Lakes: A System Plan Thematic Study (Volume 1, Parts 1 to 5)
1986-030 “Exploring Mining History Preliminary Study”
1985-SUA “Theatre Architecture in Canada. A Study of Pre-1920 Canadian Theatres”
1985-043 “The Commemoration of Agreements between Indians and the Crown”
1984-SUA Nov “History of Hydro-Electric Development in Canada (MFRS 306)”
1984-SUC Nov “Immigration Stations History and Description Part 1”
1984-SUC Nov “Immigration Stations History and Description Part 2”
1984-SUC Nov “Immigration Stations History and Description”
1984-SUD “The Cooperative Movement in Canada” – Supplementary Paper
1984-SUB “Index of Surviving Town Halls constructed in Canada before 1930/Index des hôtels de ville répertoriés” (multi volume)
1984-AM-5 “Kingston, Ontario Penitentiary and Moral Architecture”
1984-054 “Arctic Whaling Study”
1984-039 “The Commemoration of Natives by Group”
1984-031 “Étude thématique : Le Régime Seigneurial: Essai bibliographie et problèmes de recherche”
1983-039 “Preliminary Report on the Commercial Fisheries of the Great Lakes”
1983-020 “Overview of the Development of the Pulp and Paper Industry in Canada to 1930”
1982-SUA “Southern Ontario Prehistoric Sites: Ontario Prehistory Framework and Site Selection”
1980-021 “Les hôtels de style Château des compagnes ferroviaires”
1979-001 “Basque Whaling Sites in Labrador, NL”
1978-SUA “Prehistory Studies Atlantic, Arctic and High Arctic”
1978-19 “The Commemoration of Native History”
1977-023 “The Romanesque Post Office, Prairie Examples”
1977-01 “Notes on Canadian Jurists, for the consideration of the Thematic Studies Committee”
1976-065A “Survey of Historic Ranches – Supplementary Report”
1976-003 “Canada's Sporting History”
1975-021 “The Timber Trade in the Ottawa Valley, 1806-1854”
1975-023 “Prehistoric Early Indian Sites Ontario”
1974-SUB “A List of Canadian Musicians and Musical Figures”
1974-025 “Prehistoric Earthwork Sites on Southern BC Coast”
1974-016A “Governors and Governors General of New France”
1973-017 “Thematic Study: Aboriginal Peoples”
1972-SUA “Thematic Study: Aboriginal Peoples. Haida and Tsimshian”
1970-039 “Indians and the North-West Rebellion of 1885”
1970-015 “Research Proposal for thematic study of Canadian Railroads”
1969-002 “Inkerman Cottage Architecture”
1968 SUA “Suggested Thematic Studies
1968-29 “Thematic Study of the Fur Trade in the Canadian West, 1670-1870”
1968-025 “Proposed Thematic Approach to the Commemoration of Indian Sites”
1964-027 “Thematic Study: A History of Mining in British Columbia”
1967-014 “Research on History of Gaspe, QC”
1962-36 “History of Exploration in the Canadian Arctic up to 1867”


2010-17 “Workshop Report: Canadian Artists”
2009-066 “Workshop Report: Labour History”
2008-067 “Workshop Report - Commemorating the First World War”
2005-099 “Workshop Report: Ethnocultural Communities and the History of Human Rights in Canada”
2005-109, “Weighing the Evidence, Oral History and the Oral Tradition in the Commemorative Process”
2004-043 “Women's History Workshop”
2004-08 “Oral Histories and Oral Traditions”
2001-OB-01 “Cultural Communities History: National Workshop on Cultural Communities History and Program Strategy Report”
2000-020 “The Commemoration of Canada in the Second World War, Workshop 28 March 2000”
1998-OB-01 “Commemorating National Historic Sites Associated with Aboriginal Peoples' History: An Issue Analysis”
1996-SUC “National Workshop on Cultural Communities History”

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