Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act

The Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act proclaimed in 1990, responded to long-standing and widespread concern that Canada’s heritage railway stations were not being afforded an adequate level of protection. The initiative of a private Member of Parliament, the Act received support of all parties and reflects the government of Canada’s strong commitment to the preservation of our built heritage.

Casselman Railway Station (ON)

The Act applies to all railway companies governed by Part III of the Canada Transportation Act. According to the Act, no railway company may in any way alter, demolish, or transfer ownership of a designated heritage railway station without the authorization of the Governor in Council. The Act provides a clear process through which proposed changes must be reviewed and approved.

The effectiveness of the Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act ultimately depends on the railway companies who manage and care for the stations daily, and on the private citizens who continue to express concern for the protection of these resources. Each designated station is an important part of the history of a railway corporation and of the heritage of the Canadian people.

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