Distance: ~700m
Difficulty: Intermediate
What you’ll need: Skates, warm clothing for the expected conditions, and plenty of drinking water.


Safety: Always check with Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area and local weather before heading out for a skate. Cold weather, wind, snow, and ice conditions could result in warnings or closure of the trail. You can check in on the condition of the Ice Trail by calling (807) 887-5537. Helmets are advised for all users, especially children. 


Description: Unlike a traditional square or oval skating rink, the Lake Superior Ice Trail is a winding loop skating pathway that will be open to the public, day or night. The trail, about 1.5m wide and approximately 700m long, allows for a new and fun experience for skaters of all levels. Are you a hockey player looking to beef up your footwork, or a family looking for a fun and social outdoor activity? Come check out the trail and see why ice trails are catching on across Canada!


Be sure to follow Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area’s Facebook feeds for information about upcoming evening "Fire and Ice" events. Fire and Ice events are evening activities with fire pits and hot chocolate to keep you nice and toasty while skating under the stars.


Directions: Red Rock Marina: Follow Highway 628 into Red Rock, from Highway 11/17. Once in Red Rock, take a left turn onto Park Road