The Board is composed of a representative from each province and territory (named by the Governor in Council for appointments of up to five years with the possibility of additional terms), as well as the Librarian and Archivist of Canada, an officer of the Canadian Museum of History and the Vice-President of Parks Canada’s Heritage Conservation and Commemoration Directorate, who also acts as the Board’s Secretary. View the list and biographical notes of current Board members.

Selection Criteria

Candidates for Board membership must meet the following criteria:

For more information on the appointment process of the members of the Historic Sites and Monument Board of Canada, please visit the Governor in Council Appointments website.

Board Committees

Given the volume of work involved in carrying out its mandate, the Board created a number of committees with specific responsibilities. For example, the Lighthouse Committee evaluates the reports on lighthouses and makes recommendations on their designation under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act, the Inscriptions Committee reviews and approves texts on commemorative plaques and the Status of Designations Committee clarifies the objective of existing designations.