Historic designations in Canada

There are different types of heritage or historic designations in Canada. A place may be designated by a municipal, provincial/territorial or federal government and even by several of these authorities. Provincial designation is not a prerequisite to a federal designation, and vice versa. In some territories and provinces, responsibility for making designations has been given to municipal authorities.

Canadian Register of Historic Places

The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) lists all historic places recognized for their heritage value at the local, provincial, territorial and national levels throughout Canada, providing a single source of information about these important places.

Directory of Federal Heritage Designations

The Directory of Federal Heritage Designations includes all places, people and events of national historic significance that have been designated by the Canadian government on the recommendation of the HSMBC.

Heritage Railway Stations

Some railway stations have been designated heritage railway stations according to established criteria.

Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office

Buildings owned by the Government of Canada may also be classified or recognized by the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office.

Heritage Lighthouses

Starting in 2010, the Canadian government will be designating certain lighthouses as "heritage lighthouses".

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