The Forks National Historic Site Management Plan - October 2007 (PDF Version, 1.67 MB)


The Forks National Historic Site Management Plan The Forks National Historic Site Management Plan

The management plan for The Forks National Historic Site of Canada (The Forks NHSC) will provide a framework for management of this nationally significant heritage place, including measures to ensure its commemorative integrity and provide memorable and meaningful visitor experiences.

The Forks NHSC has been continuously occupied for millennia and continues to be a meeting place. Strategically located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, this place has witnessed many of the key events of Western Canada. Today, The Forks is a national historic site, an area of 25.3 ha in size, of which 3.6 ha is owned and administered by Parks Canada. The Forks NHSC is Winnipeg’s and Manitoba’s number one tourist attraction and a popular gathering place for recreation, dining, shopping and celebration. The Parks Canada Property at The Forks consists mainly of green space and provides an oasis of calm in the centre of a busy urban environment.

The management plan is based on a vision for The Forks NHSC. It is inspirational and guides the planning, management and operation of the site. A key element of that vision is to foster cooperation amongst those that use, enjoy and care for this nationally significant heritage. The completion of a commemorative integrity statement, in partnership with key stakeholders, will be the first step towards providing direction for an integrated and holistic approach to all activities affecting the cultural resources and the protection of the green space. Parks Canada will also partner with the adjacent landowners to gain a better understanding of visitors’ needs and expectations. Visitor experiences that are complementary and enhance the overall offer at The Forks NHSC will be developed by working with them. Collaboration with others will augment the opportunities to present heritage programs and services that leave visitors with enduring memories of the historical significance of The Forks NHSC. Visitors will also gain an appreciation and understanding of Parks Canada’s corporate message and services and of other historic sites in the City of Winnipeg and beyond.

The implementation of this management plan over the coming years will lead to the achievement of the site’s vision. The plan will be reviewed every five years and will include public consultation to assess its continued effectiveness and relevance in the management of The Forks NHSC.

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