The Voyageur Canoe activity is not offered in 2022.

Jump aboard a Voyageur Canoe—excitement builds as you paddle across the Miramichi River toward Beaubears Island. You’re on a tour to connect with a vibrant history; your very mode of transport is a link to these bygone times. As your team strokes across this scenic river, your guide regales you with stories of French-Canadian fur traders, Acadians in refuge, Mi’kmaw heritage and the island’s once-impressive wooden shipbuilding industry.

At Beaubears, you’ll get up-close to an unspoiled archaeological site associated with wooden shipbuilding during the 18th and 19th centuries—the most well-preserved site of its kind. Learn of the Acadian refuge in the late 1700s, after British upheaval and before this settlement was ultimately destroyed in the fires of war. Discover the adventures of 17th century French fur traders, who travelled the Miramichi the way you do now. And delve into Mi’kmaq culture, traditional peoples of this land since time immemorial.