Located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, discover powerful Acadian stories within a picturesque landscape. Success and struggles are told throughout a captivating multimedia presentation and engaging displays, a splendid Victorian garden, and a Memorial Church. Immerse in a guided exploration of the Acadians’ tragic upheaval during the 18th century. This is Grand-Pré National Historic Site—l’Acadie brought to life.


  • Stay overnight in an oTENTik!

    Camping is the newest way to truly experience the beautiful Grand-Pré National Historic Site. Our ready-to-camp oTENTik accommodations are certain to offer a remarquable experience and a breath-taking view.

  • Cyclists on a trail with the commemorative church of Grand-Pré in the scenery

    Cycle on the the Harvest Moon Trailway

    Discover the area’s rich Acadian heritage and abundant culinary experiences! Travel from Grand-Pré to Annapolis Royal along the towns of Wolfville, Kentville and Berwick on this beautiful 110 km trail.

  • Uncover an Acadian story within the stunning landscape of a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Vast marshland, historic dykes and agricultural fields hint at the Acadian story hidden within Landscape of Grand-Pré—discover the human achievement and heartrending history behind this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • If Grand-Pré could talk (guided tour)

    How does a Victorian garden equate to an Acadian Village? Is the Memorial Church a church? Who was Émiline Labiche? Come and walk with an interpreter to find out!

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