Construction of the Big Chute lockstation

Big Chute Marine Railway is a short drive from Coldwater. It is the only marine railway of its kind in North America. Big Chute has large grounds for picnicking and boater camping.


Lock Tales - Big Chute Marine Railway


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[Introduction with lock master Chas McKie]

My name is Chas McKie, I’m the acting lock master at Big Chute Marine Railway.

[Aerial shot of Big Chute grounds]

Well the Big Chute Marine Railway is a special lock because it is quite unique, almost one of a kind.

[Lock master speaking]

[Marine train car carrying boats over the road]

[Marine car carrying boats up the hill]

This Marine Railway, the one I’m used to and I’ve seen operate in my time was constructed in 1977 and opened in 1978.

[Lock master speaking]

[Marine car close up]

The Marine Railway has 3 different types of slings set ups.

[Marine car going over the road]

The most common one used is what we call the Triple Sling, and that would carry boats up to an 8 foot beam.

[Boats being lifted out of the water on slings]

[Boat entering the marine car]

[Lock master speaking]

The second set of slings is what we call a double and will carry up to a 12 foot beam.

[Close up of slings]

And finally the big one, the single sling, which is the combination of 2 double slings.

[Single sling close up]

Is to carry anything above that 12 foot.

[Marine car coming out of the water]

So as with every lock station, lock times can vary.

[Aerial shot of marine car in motion]

Either it’s from operational control, how long everything takes, or how long perhaps the boater takes to bring its vessel in.

[Boats entering the marine car]

So on average for the Big Chute Marine Railway, we can do about 15 minutes.

[View from on the marine car]

[Tail of boat hanging off marine car]

It takes about 7 minutes to run up or down the hill, and hopefully with skilled boaters we can get to that mark.

[Transfer time lapse]

[Boats exiting the marine car]

This is the 150th anniversary of Canada, we've expected quite an increase in volume due to the free lockages.

[Boat traffic approaching the lock]

[Aerial shot of transfer]

I can tell you this year already, the boats have definitely arrived.

We have on average about 120 boats per day, given weekend especially we've actually seen it up to 180 boats on a weekend.

[Aerial shot of boats exiting the marine car]

[Ground shot of boat being carried]

We expect to see that continue this year.

[Time lapse of transfer]

[Lock master speaking]

We do appreciate the visit, just so you know it’s always sunny at the Big Chute so hope to see you again real soon.

[Aerial shot of lock station]

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Lockstation Details

Chart: 2029

KM: 374.1 km (mile 232.5)

Lock Length: 30.5 m (100 ft)

Width: 7.3 m (24 ft)

Average Lift: 17.7 m (58 ft)

Length of stay: 2 night maximum

Vessel Weight Capacity: Operators whose vessels weigh more than 68t (75 tons), have a peculiar hull configuration or who foresee problems lifting the hull by sling, must contact Trent–Severn Waterway at 705-756-8802 at least 48 hours in advance of trip.

GPS Coordinates: 44°53'05.8"N 79°40'28.2"W

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