Hear the call of the red-tailed hawks swooping overhead and watch for white-tailed deer bounding along the river banks. Imagine the life of the Métis who lived here by the meandering South Saskatchewan River. Spend time on the smallholding feeding the chickens and pumping water by hand.

Check out the bullet holes in the rectory walls and picture the devastation bought about by the Battle of 1885: General Middleton’s North West Field Force facing off against the Métis led by Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont. Feel a connection to the recent past as you explore the rifle pits and read the names on the stones at the cemetery.

Knowledgeable staff in period costume are available to answer any questions and guide visitors at different locations found on site. Hitch a ride on the Batoche Shuttle and visit the East Village overlooking the river and Carlton Trail, and explore the ruins. Dig a little deeper on a Geocaching treasure hunt.