Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada
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What you said…

Summary of public and stakeholder consultations on the draft Management Plan

Between April 20 and June 9, 2013, the public and other stakeholders were invited to provide feedback on the Gulf Islands Reserve Draft Management Plan. Comments received during the consultation period indicated strong support for the overall direction of the park reserve’s management. The following main messages were heard:

  • Maintain ecological integrity while increasing visitation.
  • Improve intra- and inter-island alternative transportation routes (trails) and infrastructure.
  • Improve access for kayaks.
  • Develop and expand facilities and programs, especially campgrounds.
  • Increase local involvement.
  • Develop cross-border collaboration and promotion with the US.
  • Address increasing pressure on public safety services.

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Next steps

Engagement with First Nations on the draft management plan is underway and is expected to be completed soon. The management plan will be finalised and sent for approval to the CEO of Parks Canada and the Minister of Environment. The document will then be tabled in Parliament.

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