NOTE: All beaches are unsupervised. There are no lifeguards or surf guards on duty.

Children playing at Wickaninnish Beach

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is surrounded by the mighty Pacific Ocean. Within the park, there are secluded bays, beaches and lakes for visitors to enjoy. Although it looks tempting on a warm day, coastal BC waters are cold. Don’t forget to bring your wet suit!

Points of Interest

  • Wickaninnish Beach: In front of the Kwisitis Visitor Center is a great place to explore the intertidal zones, make sand castles, and wade into the water
  • Combers Beach: Covered in pristine sand, Comber’s Beach provides relatively quiet waters and a great view of Sea Lion Rocks. Enjoy a fifteen minute nature walk on your way down to the beach.

Facilities and Services

Availability Details
Restrooms     Yes     Located in parking areas at Wickaninnish day use area, Incinerator, Combers Beach, Schooner Cove, Radar Hill, Long Beach and Kennedy Lake.
Change Rooms  Yes Located at Incinerator, Wickaninnish, and Long Beach. Each is equipped with an outdoor hose to spray down gear
Rentals/Lessons  Yes Available through our licensed business operators
Picnic Areas  Yes Combers Beach, Long Beach and Wickaninnish Beach
Parking  Yes Located at all surfing beaches; park use fees in effect year round

Safety Tips

  • Be sure to pack sunscreen, towels, potable water and warm clothing.
  • Learn about rip currents and other water hazards.
  • Buddy up. Ensure a friend or family member can see you at all times.
  • Inflatable mattresses and toys should not be used in the surf.
  • Be aware of other people in the water; you may be sharing the area with surfers and kayakers.