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Looking for that special place where all your worries melt away? In July 2015, Riding Mountain placed 8 sets of red Adirondack chairs at enchanting, scenic locations throughout the park for visitors to discover and take in exquisite surroundings and lakeside vistas. Some chairs are easy to find, and other require more of an adventure! Each location shares a great story about the landscape and history.

Red Chairs in RMNP

What is the Red Chairs Program?

The goal of the Red Chairs Experience Program is to help visitors connect with nature and heritage. Chairs have been added in spots featuring the most beautiful scenes in Canada, for a truly memorable experience. For more information on the locations of red chairs elsewhere in Canada, visit the Red chair locations.

Where are the Red Chairs in Riding Mountain National Park?

The Red Chairs are for you to discover. While some chairs are easy to find, others require more of an adventure.

There are two ways to find them:

1. Print a map - and try to find the chairs in these ten locations around the park:

  • Bald Hill
  • Deep Bay
  • KM 49
  • Lake Audy
  • Main Pier
  • Moon Lake
  • South Lake
  • Visitor Centre
  • Wishing Well

Follow some of these direction pointers when you are out on the trail to help you find them.

2. Have a GPS? The UTM Coordinates are:

Location Zone Easting Northing
Bald Hill 14U 0457486 5616189
Deep Bay 14U 0433654 5613403
KM 49 14U 0425172 5648128
Lake Audy 14U 0412721 5624593
Main Pier 14U 0431432 5612565
Moon Lake 14U 0427443 5638759
South Lake 14U 0428780 5612461
Visitor Centre 14U 0431282 5612203
Wishing Well 14U 0435453 5614117


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Riding Mountain National Park has placed 10 pairs of red chairs throughout the landscape of the park for YOU to DISCOVER

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