Create Memorable Experiences By Sharing Your Passion And Knowledge

Campground Hosts

Hosts provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere at our outlying campgrounds. They greet visitors upon arrival, visit campers’ sites, and also invite people into their “host site” to share information.

Being a campground host is a unique way to experience the Park and create many memories. Hosts greet campers and provide information to visitors 5 hours a day, 5 days a week (including evenings and weekends), for two or three weeks. Volunteers are provided with a designated site to set up their camping equipment (RV, trailer, or tent).

The program is offered at Moon Lake. This un-serviced campground provide a quiet and serene natural setting with a range of outdoor activities.

Are you a friendly person who enjoys meeting new people? Would you like to share your knowledge about the Park? Then volunteer as a campground host!

If you would like an information package or host application, please contact the Park at or 204-848-7275.