Fundy National Park’s staff and local partners provide you with a variety of opportunities to experience a landscape and a culture shaped by the Bay of Fundy. Our local experts share their knowledge and love for this place while offering insights into the best of Fundy.


Interpretation programs People and park officers in a river

Interpretation programs

Several interpretation programs are offered by the staff of Fundy National Park. Consult the list below to discover this exciting offer.

Interpretation programs are offered on most days during the summer months of 2021! Get a full schedule of the programs at one of the Visitor Information Centres.

Fundy discovery tour (step-on guide)

An observation point with the red chairs

Experience Fundy National Park with one of our passionate storytellers and interpreters. As you travel through the park let us be your guide to the world’s highest tides – not to mention pristine Acadian forest, breathtaking vistas and a taste of Atlantic Canada culture.


  • Year round
  • Program lasts 1 hour
  • Reservations are required
  • Suitable for large groups
  • Suitable for small groups

More information
  • For reservation and commercial rates, please contact us.
  • Group reservations are required
  • Tours can be tailored and customised to satisfy your group’s interests
  • Suitable for Fully Independent Travelers (FIT)
  • Meetings, Incentive, Conventions and Events (MICE)
  • Motorcoach parking available
  • Washrooms on site
  • Gift shop located in the Visitor Information Centre
Swim with Salmon Snorklers in the river

Swim with Salmon: Explore Fundy National Park like never before!

This activity will not be offered in 2022.

Swim with Salmon is an exclusive experience that takes place in the backcountry of Fundy National Park.

This program is currently being redesigned and an all-new Swim with Salmon program will be launched in 2023!

Guests will travel alongside Park Biologists into the heart of Fundy National Park backcountry to a spot along the Upper Salmon River, a place called Black Hole. Here, guests will be guided through the training required to take part in a snorkel survey expedition. Once outfitted in snorkel gear, they are then given the chance to snorkel a series of salmon pools to observe the endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon.

This experience will include knowledgeable guides from Parks Canada, the University of New Brunswick, and Fort Folly First Nation. These guides will share stories of innovation and conservation as well as the resiliency and survival of Atlantic salmon.

School programs Closeup of a dragonfly on someone's hand

School programs

Offer your students the chance to connect with nature through hands-on experiential educational programs that complement your curriculum! Allow our park interpreters to share their love for this place with your class as well as their enthusiasm and knowledge of Fundy’s ecosystems, wildlife and unique features.

At a glance

  • Programs have been modified to meet the current public health recommendations
  • We will consult with group leaders individually to promote safe social interactions during your experience
  • Programs are available in September and October 2020
  • Our interpreters are open to exploring alternative topics or themes that might not be included in our described programming but are being covered in your classroom

Fall 2020 program descriptions

Diversity of Ocean Life (K-12)

Discover the unique creatures that live on Fundy’s beaches and how they are specially adapted to the challenging environment we call the intertidal zone. Learn about the awesome power of the tides as you explore the ocean floor and meet some members of this fascinating community of organisms.

*Note: This is a tide-dependant program.

NB Curriculum links: how animals meet their needs, life cycles, adaptations, food chains, tides, ecosystem interactions, habitats, ecological roles, biodiversity

Mission: Diversity (K-12)

Bugs! Salamanders! Plants! All play an important role in Fundy National Park’s ecosystems. Engage in a variety of hands-on activities, using scientific equipment, to help create a snapshot of the park’s biodiversity. Through this experience, students will hone their observation and identification skills, while making meaningful connections.

NB Curriculum links: Observation, biodiversity, characteristics of insects, ecological roles, life cycles, citizen science, taxonomy, classification, data collection

Preparing for Winter with a Chickadee (K-4)

If you were a chickadee, how would you prepare for winter? Learn about how our little feathered friends prepare for the colder temperatures, how they fulfill their needs, overcome challenges, find food in winter, avoiding predators and staying warm.

NB Curriculum links: The senses, exploration, seasonal change, how animals and plants meet their needs, food chains, ecological roles, diversity of life, adaptations

Surviving the Fundy Forest: Winter Edition (5-8)

If you lived in a forest, how would you prepare for winter? Learn about seasonal change in the forest and how plants and animals prepare for the colder temperatures, how they fulfill their needs and overcome challenges like finding food in winter, avoiding predators and staying warm.

NB Curriculum links: Exploration, seasonal change, how animals and plants meet their needs, food chains, ecological roles, diversity of life, adaptations, survival, ecology


Program fees are $2.40 per student. The fee doesn’t apply to teachers and parent volunteers. Please collect the fee beforehand and pay at the Visitor Centre’s front desk upon your arrival at Fundy National Park. Cheques can be made payable to the Receiver General of Canada.

If none of these programs are a fit...

Contact the interpretation office at 506‑887‑6028 or email to discuss some alternate topics we can offer or how we can best compliment what you’re doing in your classroom.

Topics could include: Stream health, water systems, endangered species, astronomy, geocaching, salamander monitoring, outdoor skills, geology and more, depending on staff availability.

Custom programs must be requested as soon as possible to allow us time to prepare.

Want to stay longer?

  • Take a hike! Fundy National Park has over 100 km of trails, ranging from easy to challenging, short and long, including stunning waterfalls, powerful rivers and rugged coastlines. Check out our list of trails.
  • Contact us in order to get a copy of our self-guided scavenger hunt sheet.
  • Considering an overnight visit? Fundy National Park is also a Dark Sky Preserve making it one of the best places in Canada to observe the night sky.
  • Take part in some citizen science! Download the smartphone app iNaturalist and contact us to get our How to Use iNaturalist instruction sheet and record your observations on the diversity of living beings in the park.
  • Try geocaching! Fundy has an exciting geocaching program.
  • Fundy National Park has campsites, yurts and Otentiks. Contact us for more information.

Upon arrival

Your interpreter(s) will meet you in the parking lot of the Visitor Centre at the agreed upon arrival time. We usually allow 10 to 15 minutes for students to use the washrooms and grab a snack before the start of the program.

Virtual programming

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer virtual programming, but stay tuned! We are working on it. In the meantime, check out Nature for All: Discovery Zone’s website for resources and sessions.

Geocaching Two young person looking for cache with a GPS


Geocaching is a fun and rewarding outdoor adventure that combines hiking and treasure hunting. The goal is to find hidden containers known as caches or geocaches using a portable satellite navigation device called a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Those who practice this activity are called cachers or geocachers.

Geocaching is a great family activity that provides excitement, exercise, and fresh air. In Fundy National Park, there are 15 official geocaches. Each year, we create five new caches to replace the five oldest ones. The caches take you on adventures to different sites and scenic vistas throughout the park and weave in stories about its natural and cultural history.

Fundy National Park would like to express its appreciation for the work of its partners, Cache Up NB and the Fundy Guild, for bringing you a fine geocaching experience.

To participate

  • Go to this website and print this year’s Fundy geocaching passport. This gives you the coordinates you will need to find the caches hidden in the park.
  • Bring along a GPS device. If you do not own one, the Fundy Guild (the park’s cooperating association) rents GPS units at their boutique located at the Visitor Centre.
  • Find each cache in the park (please stay on the trails). The caches are little green plastic boxes.
  • Read the cache information, and punch the passport with the tool provided.
  • Return the cache where you found it.
  • Bring your completed passport to the Visitor Centre to receive your Fundy geocoin (a limited number is available).
  • The older Fundy National Park geocaches coordinates can still be found on You are invited to find these caches as well if you have not already done so... more caches is more fun!

Useful Links

Xplorers A young boy in a field holding a net

Fundy Xplorers program

Hey Kids! Do you like exploring, having adventures and lots of fun? If so, you can be a Parks Canada Xplorer! Pick up your Fundy Xplorers booklet at an interpretation activity or park kiosk and get started on your first challenge. Complete the required number of tasks to receive a collectable souvenir.

The Parks Canada Xplorers Program is currently offered in more than 70 national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas across the country.

Xplorers program logo