Come join the Parks Canada Learn-to Camp team and help prepare new campers for new experiences! Learn-to Camp Halifax makes outdoor experiences safe and accessible for everyone through summer activities, events, and workshops.

“Not only are we teaching families skills that will help them go on their own camping trips in the future, but we're also building safe spaces where folks who are new to camping can feel welcome.”

Bring your passion for the outdoors and a strong team spirit, and we’ll provide the rest. Although we spend all summer teaching people how to camp, as a team member you are not expected to bring those skills with you to the job. Your summer will include about three weeks of training.

How to apply

Read the job poster

Apply before March 6, 2022!

There are two ways to apply:

1. Apply online at Government of Canada jobs

You will be asked a series of pre-screening questions regarding the “Essential Qualifications” in lieu of a cover letter.


2. Email your cover letter and resume to 

You will need to provide a cover letter outlining how you meet each of the “Essential Qualifications”. IMPORTANT this requirement is not listed in the information you need to provide section.

Application tips
Explain how you meet the essential qualifications

The essential qualifications list the information you need to share with us. Check that you have matched your skills to these essential qualifications.

Use full robust answers and examples from your interests, hobbies, and experiences.Simply answering: “yes, I have experience doing ____” may not be enough to get your application to the next stage. Show us how your interests, hobbies, and experiences relate directly to the essential qualifications.

Highlight your language skills

This job does not require you to be able to speak French (although French skills are an asset). If you are able to speak a language that isn’t English or French, be sure to highlight this.

If you have questions, ask for help!

If you are not sure what we are asking for, or need some help, please reach out to: 

Learn-to Camp coordinator:

Human Resources at Parks Canada Mainland Nova Scotia:

Workshops on February 23 at 7 pm and March 3 at 7 pm (AST)

Ask questions about the job and get help with your application. Register now: 


There are two Learn-to Camp Halifax teams, one located in Halifax and one located in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site. Learn-to Camp Halifax is part of a national team, with teams also located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Halifax Learn-to Camp
Kejimkujik Learn-to Camp

Halifax Learn-to Camp

The Learn-to Camp team in Halifax is stationed at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site. This team offers workshops and overnight events to communities in the city. These activities can range from spending a morning at a school teaching students how to respect the outdoors and tie knots, to camping in Shubie Park in Dartmouth.

Kejimkujik Learn-to Camp

Kejimkujik Learn-to Camp is based out of Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site. This team leads groups on one to three-day camping experiences that include hikes, canoe trips, singing around the campfire, and more!

Interested in working at Kejimkujik?

Working in one of Nova Scotia's most beautiful areas is an exciting way to spend the summer! Please note that Kejimkujik is a rural location and team members are expected to have their own transportation. We can help you find housing either in the park or the nearby town of Caledonia, but team members are required to cover their own rent (which ranges from $125-$350 a month).

Learn-to Camp program during COVID-19

Regardless of the state of the pandemic, we will be working on engaging and challenging projects that will guarantee you a great summer with amazing colleagues!

Over the past two summers, we have been able to explore small scale camping trips with participants, create a podcast about camping, and make videos at locations across the province.

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