Tailings Ponds Risk Assessment

Wood Buffalo National Park


Tailings ponds are constructed, managed and maintained to limit impacts to the Athabasca River, and new and legacy tailings are reclaimed in a timely manner, so that the risk of tailing ponds to the PAD is minimized.

Lead: Government of Alberta

The water used during oil sands mining is managed and stored in tailings ponds. Fluid tailings pose a risk to the PAD through potential seepage into the Athabasca River and through the potential for dam failure. Actions taken to address this risk occur through Alberta’s Tailings Management Framework for the Mineable Athabasca Oil Sands.

Various initiatives are being undertaken to support implementation of the Tailings Management Framework and assist in managing risks. A key action included in the Action Plan is to conduct a systematic, landscape-scale tailings ponds risk assessment.

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Information on tailings management in Alberta.

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