Wood Buffalo National Park gift shop now offering curbside pickup of special gifts and Parks Canada merchandise.

How it works:

  • You look through the catalogue below for available products
  • You contact us at 867-872-7960 or pc.woodbuffaloinfo-infowoodbuffalo.pc@pc.gc.ca
  • You place your order with our staff or leave a message with your name and phone number, and indicate whether you are an NWT resident or non-resident.
  • Please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER via email or phone message.
  • A member of the Parks Canada team will return your call. We can only accept credit card payments over the phone for curbside pickup.
  • Please note: you will receive a confirmation email from us confirming your pick-up window.
  • Success! You pick up your order at the Wood Buffalo NP Visitor Centre at 149 McDougal Rd during your confirmed pick-up time.


Curbside Pick-Up and Ordering Hours of Operations:
  • A Parks Canada team member will be available to assist with curbside ordering and pick-up Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Children’s Essential Navy Hoodie(left)
PC190018 - $83.95

Youth Discovery Hoodie (centre)
PC150041 - $39.45 (on sale), limited sizes

Adult Essential Hoodie (right)
PC170027 - $89.20

5-Panel Bear Design (left)
B2E200014 - $26.20

Signature Series (right)
PC-SIG140012 - $19.65 (on sale)
Available in Navy or Grey


Polar Tuberz (left)
PC160009 - $16.75

Vintage Series Tuberz (top right)
VIN190004 - $20.95

Signature Series Tuberz (bottom right)
SIG140007 - $15.70


Small Plush
Available in wolf, fox, beaver, bear and bat

Large Plush
Available in whooping crane and bison

Parka Plush
PKA160005 - $22.00


Youth Pompom Toques
PC18008 - $24.10 


Women’s Personalized Toques (left)
Reads “Wood Buffalo National Park” on the back
PC150024 - $17.29 (on sale)

Men’s Personalized Toques (right)
Reads “Wood Buffalo National Park” on the back
PC150023 - $17.29 (on sale) 


Red Navy Retro Knit Toque
PER-PCS190044 - $31.45

Retro Knit Toque 
PCS1900046 $31.45

Baby Onesies

Moose (black)
PC180003 - $20.95



Baby Onesies

Bear (red)
PC190007 - $20.95



Signature Series 
SIG160001 - $5.75



Parks Canada



Vintage Series 
VIN190001 - $7.30




Classic Series Magnet – Sweetgrass (top)
BW190003 - $8.35

Vintage Series Magnet (centre)
VIN190007 - $10.45

Signature Series Magnet (bottom)
SIG160004 - $3.10




Women’s Signature Series T-Shirts

Available in red, green and blue
PC-SIG140004 - $23.59 (on sale)

Men’s Signature Series T-Shirts

Limited colours and sizes available
PC-SIG140001 - $23.59 (on sale)



Classic Fit Vintage Series T-Shirt
VIN200002 - $41.95

Fitted Vintage Series T-Shirt
VIN200003 - $41.95

Youth Vintage Series T-Shirt
VIN200004 - $36.70



Explorer Backpack
PC190009 - $94.45



Born to Explorer Travel Mug
B2E190001 - $31.45




Camping Lantern
Available in green and red
PC170036 - $16.75



Classic Series – Sweetgrass Reusable Water Bottle
BW190005 - $41.95


Vintage Series Wooden Wall Sign
VIN190005 - $26.20



Parks Canada Camp Socks
PC190011 - $20.95

Pride Tuberz
PCS200024 $20.95

Signature series mug
SIG170003 $16.75

VIN210002 $26.20