Quttinirpaaq, Inuktitut for “Land at the Top of the World”, is a vast sprawling landscape in the extreme High Arctic that has the expected: ice caps enclosing mountains, kilometres thick glaciers, worn mountains, and sparse tundra. But it also has the unexpected: the highest mountain in eastern North America (Barbeau Peak) and a thermal oasis in the Lake Hazen area. Lake Hazen, one of the largest and deepest lakes above the Arctic Circle, has remarkably lush vegetation and supports higher densities of wildlife than the rest of the park. Wildlife are so unaccustomed to humans that they do not react in fear.

See nesting birds that fly from Pole to Pole or visit from Africa and Europe. Watch muskox, and the rare Peary caribou feed on lichens, avens and sedges. Take in profusions of wildflowers and lichen as far as the eye can see. Cross glaciers or glacier-fed icy rivers. Bask under high-in-the-sky intense sunlight at midnight. Catch sight of arctic wolves searching for lemmings and watch in amazement as herds of huge arctic hare sprint on their hind legs, brilliant white against the brown tundra.

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