Extreme Cuisine! Be the Top Chef at the Top of the World

Are you looking for adventure?

Are your culinary skills top notch?

Volunteer as camp cook at the Top of the World, Quttinirpaaq National Park!

What would I do?

Prepare dinner daily for 4 to 8 people - and up to 16 if you are the chef who prepares a celebratory supper for our Top of the World charter visitors. We have a fully equipped kitchen (stove, oven, fridge and freezer) and a well-stocked pantry, with regular re-supply of perishable items -- but a sense of creativity and the ability to think of many ways to prepare potatoes and cabbage will serve you well! During the day, and on time off, you will have plenty of time to hike and explore the park. You will be based at our operations camp at Tanquary Fiord, with accommodation in your own tent or in one of our accommodations (depending on availability).

How do I get there?

You must cover all expenses to Resolute Bay. Parks Canada will cover the costs of a charter flight into the park, as well as the cost of food and your backcountry fee while in the park.

When can I volunteer?

Approximate dates in 2019:
June 26 to July 3, Tanquary Fiord
July 12 to July 26, Tanquary Fiord

How do I apply?

  • Send us a one to two page cover letter by April 1. This is your opportunity to let us know what makes you a good candidate, and why you want to visit Quttinirpaaq National Park.
  • Basic First Aid/CPR is a requirement.
  • Experience as a camp cook, working in remote areas or traveling would be a bonus.
  • Send your application, and any questions, to pc.infonunavut-nunavutinfo.pc@canada.ca along with your choice of dates.