Quttinirpaaq is the largest National Park in Nunavut and is 800 km north of Resolute by Twin Otter charter aircraft. The park extends to the Polar Ice Cap – the last edge of North America before the North Pole’s sea ice begins.

Be among the intrepid explorers that are venturing into one of the most remote places in the world. Join the ranks of people who have strode this land in the past, from when it drew Greenlandic hunters along the Muskox Way to North Pole adventurers who over-wintered in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and scientists in the 1950’s who studied the high Arctic during the International Geophysical Year.

Come to hike, ski or climb the mountains and be prepared to be awed.

Activites and experiences

  • Two people at the summit of a mountain. 
    Climbing and mountaineering

    Quttinirpaaq is a vast, ancient, sprawling landscape in the extreme high Arctic that has the expected: ice caps enclosing mountains, kilometres thick glaciers, worn mountains, and sparse tundra.

  • Three people hiking along a mountain ridge. 

    See the midnight sun, glaciers, polar desert, muskoxen, and wolves; walk the 4500-year old Muskox Way, the route of ancient peoples.

  • Two people on a snow covered mountain peak. 

    What Quttinirpaaq lacks in powder, it more than makes up for in awe-inspiring routes and countless unclimbed peaks.

  • Three people at a Thule archaeological site. 
    Inuit cultural experiences

    Quttinirpaaq offers spectacular scenery, wildlife, and opportunities to experience Inuit culture and learn about northern places.