Be on top of the world for two weeks on Ellesmere Island! Explore from Tanquary Fiord during day trips and multi-day backpacking adventures. See the Midnight Sun, glaciers, polar desert, muskoxen, and wolves; walk the 4500-year old Muskox Way, the route of ancient peoples. While mostly self-guided, Quttinirpaaq National Park staff enjoy sharing their knowledge of local natural and cultural history.

Hikers can explore the park from Tanquary Fiord Station. Historic Fort Conger visits are possible by special permission and will require a Parks Canada staff person to accompany your group. The most popular and iconic hiking route is a 9–10 day loop from Tanquary Fiord around the Ad Astra and Viking Ice Caps. There are also multiple 3–5 day hiking trips starting from Tanquary Fiord. Contact us for more information.

There are no established trails in Quttinirpaaq National Park. Hikers should be experienced in wilderness travel, and proficient in using topographical maps to select and follow routes. Hikers must also be self-sufficient and capable of self-rescue, as rescue capabilities are limited and could take a week or more.