Few places offer such an exceptional setting for reconnecting with nature. With a wide selection of camping and hiking opportunities, the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve is a unique destination with spectacular natural offerings. Get your camera ready - each photo will be more impressive than the last. What is more spectacular, Atlantic puffins or limestone monoliths?


  • Une expérience maritime à fleur d’eau

    An island-hopping adventure

    All aboard! Discover a remote section of the archipelago by means of an inflatable boat. Admire the monoliths of Île de la Fausse Passe and the dazzling cliffs of Île Saint-Charles. Keep your eyes open, you will most probably spot an amazing wildlife!

  • ​oTENTik family holidays on an island

    A cross between a tent and a rustic cabin, oTENTik tents blend the comfort of home with a touch of outdoor adventure. Get ready for hiking, picnicking, monolith viewing, and taking snapshots during safaris!

  • With the lighthouse keeper’s house and the lighthouse in the background, a couple is taking a stroll along the limestone trail on Île aux Perroquets

    4 star accommodation in the heart of a lighthouse station

    Discover Île aux Perroquets in an intimate way. Spend the night in one of the houses of the light station. Learn about maritime history and the life of the light keepers who lived on the island. Wake up to say hello to the Atlantic Puffins and admire the horizon from the top of the lighthouse.

  • A drop of heaven for a night!

    Sleep under the stars, comfortably installed in a Parks Canada Ôasis. This unique tear drop-shaped ‘duplex’ allows everyone to be at the forefront of the most spectacular landscapes of the Mingan archipelago.

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