Parks Canada welcomes Sophie Grégoire Trudeau as Honourary Guide

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has graciously accepted to be Parks Canada’s Honourary Guide for families. With a passion for nature and the outdoors, and a commitment to youth and their well-being, Parks Canada is pleased to have Sophie Grégoire Trudeau take on this important role. The Honourary Guide will celebrate Canada’s diversity and help more Canadian families to connect with Canada’s nature and culture through Canada’s national parks and national historic sites, encouraging families to experience the outdoors and learn more about our country and its history through Parks Canada’s Learn-to Camp program.

The focus of the Learn-to Camp program is to create a connection between first-time campers and the Canadian camping experience, to build awareness on family health and wellness, to introduce families to a lifetime of outdoor activities and encourage them to visit Parks Canada’s special heritage places.

Participants will learn practical skills like how to set up a tent, use a camp stove and light a campfire as well as important safety skills including wildlife safety, fire safety and water safety. Participants will also learn to appreciate the outdoors through hiking, photography, bird watching and star gazing and will be encouraged to explore other Parks Canada places across the country.

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