On Canada Day, Parks Canada invites you to a camping event…at home. For this home getaway, we invite you to pitch your tent, share campfire stories and BBQ your favorite recipes. Try out these fun ideas for a memorable backyard camping experience.

To join in, share some of your photos using #CampIn

Millenial pitching a tent on a campsite

Pitch a tent

Find the perfect spot in your backyard, living room or basement and set up your tent with some great advice from Parks Canada’s Learn to Camp team. Next, roll out your blankets and pillows, get your flashlights, favourite game or book and enjoy a camp-in experience!

Group of young campers around a campfire with a tent

Camp fire stories

Gather around the fire and bring out the storyteller in you. Take turns sharing your favorite stories while roasting marshmallows. But remember to follow local rules about outdoor fires. Don't have a fireplace? Have a candlelight storytelling vigil!

Two fish filets on the barbecue

Ready, set, grill!

Here are a few must-try camping recipes for the grill lover in you! Make us drool by sharing pictures of your culinary delights. Enjoy your meal!