Citizen science

Record a bird, a plant or an insect sighting. Join other committed citizen scientists while visiting Parks Canada. Everyone's small acts of conservation make a big difference. You’ll create all kinds of connections with people and nature!

Record your own nature observations

Visitors participating in citizen science, recording whale sighting on the app.

Use the mobile app to capture your observations of plants or animals. It’s nature at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere! Work with experts, other park visitors or on your own. Every observation contributes to our knowledge of biodiversity.

See what cool observations have been made in one of your favourite Parks Canada places: Parks Canada on iNaturalist

Protect the beaches with Coastie

A person leans in toward a Coastie station to take a photo of the sandy coastline of a beach.

Coastie is a simple and easy way for Canadians to better protect coastlines. The Coastie initiative uses photos that you take at participating sites across the country to help scientists monitor coastal change over time. It's easy! By taking a Coastie, you participate in community science.

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Beat plastic pollution

Two smiling participants proudly show the waste they have collected in plastic buckets.

Lead your own shoreline cleanup. Any day of the week, spring to fall, you can participate in the activity Team up and clean up the shore.

Gather your friends and family, pick up a shoreline cleanup kit at a participating location and head for the shore. As you take in the beautiful view, collect plastic waste and litter, and record what you find. By doing so, you become a citizen scientist! The information will help Parks Canada identify sources of litter and stop them.

Find a participating location near you

Other citizen science activities

Close-up of smart phone with an image of a humpback whale onscreen

Swim with salmon, participate in an archaeological project or join a car caravan tour of a bison range.

Citizen science portal

The Government of Canada’s Citizen Science Portal lists citizen science projects happening all across Canada.

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