Banff National Park

AREA CLOSURE: Middle Springs Wildlife Corridor

Issued: May 11, 2015

Issued 2015-05-11 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Time 14:09:49

Area closed

Under Electronic Surveillance

Middle Springs Wildlife Corridor

Where: The area bordered to the north by the Cave and Basin and Sundance Trail, extending west to first prominent ridge of Sulphur Mountain, leading upslope to and extending east along the 5500 ft contour line, leading downslope to Mountain Avenue and along the Middle Springs sub-division fence.

Why: This corridor is a protected route which allows wildlife to move safely around the Town of Banff. Human use may disturb wildlife movement.

The Banff Springs Snail, an endangered species that only exists in Banff National Park, lives in the Middle Springs. Any human activity could endanger the survival of this species.

Effective Date: 2007/01/01

Jillian M. ROULET, Superintendent, Banff National Park

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