Seasonal closures and restrictions

Banff National Park

This listing shows planned closures and restrictions. Where there are no dates marked, closures or restrictions will fall sometime during the time period specified. Additional closures and restrictions may happen at any time, in any location and without prior notice.

See the Important Bulletins page for a current listing.

Annual closures and restrictions in Banff National Park:

Where When Activity Why Closure Restriction
Various locations From 2015 to 2022 Various activities Infrastructure improvements Yes Yes
Moraine Lake Road Year-round Driving Moraine Lake Road is closed to personal vehicles Yes -
Bow Valley Parkway / Hwy 1A (17 km eastern section of the Bow Valley Parkway between Fireside Day-use Area and Johnston Canyon) March 1 to June 25, 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. All activities To give the animals the space they need to thrive during the spring; at crucial times of the day and year. Yes -
Bow Valley Parkway / Hwy 1A (17-km section east of Johnston Canyon Campground only) May 1 to June 25, 2022 and September 1 to September 30, 2022 Driving During a three-year pilot program from 2022 to 2024, Parks Canada is providing an improved cycling experience by restricting vehicle use along the 17 km eastern section of the parkway in the spring and fall. Parks Canada will monitor results of this pilot to guide future planning and decisions. Yes -
Minnewanka Loop Road (western section) November to May Driving To reduce the level of human activity adjacent to an important wildlife corridor Yes -
Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course Road November 1 to May 1 Driving To reduce the level of human activity in an important wildlife corridor Yes -
Banff Legacy Trail Early fall to early spring All activities The trail is not cleared of snow and ice in the winter. With large sections of the trail exposed to highway maintenance debris, travel is dangerous. - -
Lake Minnewanka - Sheep Point Spring All activities For park resource management purposes Yes -
Spray River Valley April 15 to November 15 All activities Wildlife activity in this area cannot be disturbed by human presence Yes -
Fairholme Range Ecologically Sensitive Site Year-round Hiking To protect the largest intact block of montane habitat in the park. Yes -
Allenby Pass Seasonal Trail Restriction August 1 to September 30 Hiking To minimize disturbance to bears feeding on berries. - Yes
Lake Minnewanka Seasonal Trail Restriction July 10 to September 15 Biking To minimize disturbance to bears feeding on berries. - Yes
Moraine Lake Area Seasonal Trail Restrictions July to October (dates may vary)
All activities Grizzly bears frequenting the area. - Yes
Lake Louise Cross Country Ski Trails November 1 to April 30 Cross-country skiing Dogs are not allowed on certain track set ski trails. - Yes
Healy Pass / Sunshine Meadows Area Spring to Fall Horseback Riding
Horse use is restricted to prevent damage to sensitive alpine meadows - Yes
Healy Pass / Sunshine Meadows / North of Citadel Pass   Spring to Fall  Hiking off trail  To protect sensitive habitat and improve habitat security for grizzly bears.  Yes 

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