Stay at the Palisades

Jasper National Park

Looking to unwind away from downtown Jasper? The historic grounds of the Palisades Centre may be just what you're looking for. Whether you're a couple, a small family, or a gathering of 30 people, with 6 different accommodation types there's something perfect for you.

A shared experience

At the Palisades Centre, Parks Canada provides experiential education opportunities with a special focus on elementary through high school grades.

There will likely be other groups on site during your stay–students engaged in education programs, or adults here for a retreat, workshop or special event.


12 km East of the Town of Jasper on Hwy #16. Turn left towards the Palisades Centre and Snaring Road. Drive under the train tracks, take the next left and follow this road for 0.5 km to the Palisades Centre. Directions


SleepsSleeps 8 people
Beds: 3 queen-size beds, 1 double bed

Learn more- House

Ice house
Ice hous

SleepsSleeps 2 people
Beds: 1 double bed

Learn more- Ice house


Sleeps 4 people, maximum 2 adults
Beds: 1 double bed
 1 queen-size hide-a-bed


Sleeps 30 people
Beds: 28 beds (2 twin, 2 double, 24 bunk beds)
Large common area for group gatherings

Machine Shed #1
Machine Shed #1

Sleeps 2 people
Beds: 1 double bed

Machine Shed #2
Machine Shed # 2

Sleeps 2 people
Beds: 1 double bed

Barn Room 12
Barn Room 12

Sleeps 2 people
Beds: 2 single beds

Barn Room 14
Barn Room 14

Sleeps 6 people
Beds: 2 double bunk beds, 2 single bunk beds

Barn Room 15
Barn Room 15

Sleeps 3 people
Beds: 1 double bunk bed, 1 single bunk bed

Barn Room 17
Barn Room 17

Sleeps 7 people
Beds: 2 single beds, 1 double bunk bed, 3 single bunk beds

Barn Room 18
Barn Room 18

Sleeps 5 people
Beds: 1 double bunk bed, 3 single bunk beds

Barn Room 19
Barn Room 19

Sleeps 4 people
Beds: 4 single bunk beds

Office hours
8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday
Check in time
3 pm
Check out time
11 am
Quiet hours
11 pm to 7 am
Minimum length of stay
1 night
Maximum length of stay
14 nights

For additional questions please phone the Palisades Centre at 780-852-6192, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, or email

After hours check in

The Palisades Centre will email you directly with information about checking-in if you are arriving after the office closes, or on the weekend.

Cooking / food preparation
  • No cooking is allowed outside of the accommodations, including BBQ’s. The House, Ice House and Smithy have their own kitchen with cutlery, dishes, pots and pans. Coolers and food can be stored in all accommodations. The Barn and Machine Sheds do not have a fridge or stove and are best for people who will eat in town.
  • The Den does not have an oven or stove and is not suitable for groups to cook for themselves.
Electricity available

Each facility has electric lights, heat and electrical outlets.

Internet / Wi-Fi access / cell phone service
  • There is some Wi-Fi coverage on the grounds.
  • There is some cell phone service depending on service provider. There is a land-line in the Den, House, Ice House, Smithy, Machine Shed 1 & 2. A pay phone is located on the south side of the Barn (closest to the creek) for emergency / long distance calls.
  • There are no televisions in any of the facilities.
Fire policy
  • There are two communal fire-pits at the Palisades. Please be prepared to share the fire-pit with other guests.
  • Fires are not permitted nightly from 11 pm to 7 am
  • Firewood is included with your rental and can be collected at the Palisades wood pile.
  • Campfires are only allowed in the designated communal fire-pits.
  • The House has its own wood-burning fireplace in the living room and guests may collect wood for it from the wood pile.
Alcohol / cannabis policy
  • Alcohol is not permitted from 11 pm to 7 am.
  • Consuming cannabis or cannabis products is prohibited within the grounds of the Jasper Palisades Stewardship Education Centre.
Pet policy

For the safety of both guests and wildlife, no pets are permitted anywhere on the Palisades Centre grounds.

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