Beaches and swimming

Waterton Lakes National Park

You must complete a mandatory self-inspection for all floatation devices and water toys.

On hot summer days, people swim in Upper Waterton Lake. Keep in mind that the lake is very cold, drops off quickly and is subject to strong winds. Emerald Bay (in the community) is the most popular spot for swimming. The beach near the Townsite campground is also used but tends to be windier. The Hay Barn day use area along the Waterton River is also a popular spot for swimming.

Be aware that "swimmer's itch", a small parasite that causes itching and irritation, is present in some smaller water bodies, particularly Linnet Lake.

Driftwood Beach

Explore the natural wonders of Middle Waterton Lake while wandering through the driftwood piles on the shoreline, deposited by the prevailing winds from the south.


The pool at the Waterton Lakes Lodge is accessible for public use.

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