Rogers Pass Renewal

Glacier National Park


1. We’d like your feedback - Done

We are no longer collecting comments through the online form. Thank you for your interest and input on the future of Rogers Pass.

2. Evaluation - Now

Parks Canada continues to evaluate the current and future needs of the Rogers Pass area, to inform the site planning process.

3. What we heard - Done

We asked park visitors, through-travellers and other interested Canadians what their vision was for the future of Rogers Pass. Discussions with our Indigenous partners are on-going.

Read a summary of responses

4. Site planning and design

Parks Canada will come up with a phased redevelopment strategy.

5. Implementation

Plans for the future of the Rogers Pass area will be finalized and shared with the public. The timeline for implementation will be a phased approach and based on available funding.

Significant investments are being made in the Rogers Pass area to upgrade infrastructure, address historic contamination issues, and improve visitor services. Planning is also underway for the future, in order to meet the needs of park visitors and through-travellers, improve motorist safety and address environmental concerns. Thank you to everyone who provided input through the online form or at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre.

Updates on the redevelopment strategy and plans for the future of Rogers Pass will be posted as they are available.

Current status

In 2018, Parks Canada completed abatement and demolition of the former lodge and service station in Rogers Pass, as well as remediation of contaminated soils at both sites.

Rogers Pass future

Additional projects are scheduled for 2019 in Rogers Pass and planning is underway for the future, in order to support the needs of park visitors and through-travellers, and meet park operational priorities.

Rogers Pass history

As we look to the future of Rogers Pass, it is important to understand its past and to consider the nearby communities and historical connections to the area.


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