Riding Mountain National Park

Information bulletin - Hazard tree removal

Issued: January 10, 2023

Parks Canada has contracted the services of a certified arborist to remove hazard trees from the townsite and North Shore subdivision in Riding Mountain National Park between January 5, 2023 and January 31, 2023. The marked trees are being removed to ensure visitor safety and to reduce the risk of damage to nearby buildings and structures.

Visitor safety is a priority for Parks Canada. Visitors should use caution and avoid the areas where tree removal is underway and to watch for heavy equipment and crews.

Parks Canada is a recognized leader in conservation and committed to preserving Canada’s rich heritage. Prior to the removal of trees and vegetation, all projects undergo an environmental assessment to ensure the overall ecology of the site is maintained or improved. All tree removal is conducted outside bird-nesting and migratory periods.

For more information on hazard tree removals please call 204-848-7275.