Nahanni Alpine Experience

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nahanni National Park Reserve contains the Cirque of Unclimbables, the Vampire Peaks, the highest peak in the Northwest Territories and a several alpine plateaus creating one of North America’s finest alpine playgrounds. Mountaineers across the globe travel to the Mackenzie Mountains’ Ragged Range to ascend granite routes and reflect upon the solitude of this isolated pristine wilderness.

Nahanni is not only a climber’s paradise. Fairy Meadows and Tł’ogotsho Plateau present very different landscapes to challenge experienced trekkers who crave an isolated environment seen by very few.

Licensed tour operators offer custom heli-hiking tours for less arduous access to the Nahanni environment including the Ram Plateau, Tł’ogotsho Plateau and Vampire Peaks.

Experience Date: June-August

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