Activities at Parks Canada places

Parka photo opportunities

Several Parks Canada locations provide opportunities for you to take a family photo with Parka. Whether that be during one of the mascots appearances, or next to a Parka sign or the statuette, don’t forget to share you photo memories on social media using #parka #parkscanada

Club Parka

Parka is the proud founder of Club Parka, a series of activities which encourage young children to explore, discover, learn and have fun.

  • Various Club Parka activities are available at participating locations and at select public events that Parks Canada is participating in.
  • Ask us about Club Parka activities available on-site, which will likely include the featured Club Parka booklet (available at over 100 Parks Canada locations) or download the Photo Missions App (30 participating locations and an At-Home Mission that can be done anywhere).
  • Once you’ve completed the Club Parka booklet or a Photo Missions App challenge, be sure to ask our Parks Canada staff where to pick up the Club Parka souvenir for your child.

Check the web pages of the Parks Canada location you are planning to visit for more information specific to each place.

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