Camping during COVID-19

Parks Canada continues to follow the advice of public health experts to limit the spread of COVID-19, while offering Canadians access to the health and wellness benefits that come from being in natural spaces.

The camping experience at Parks Canada will be different than in previous years. Only camping services where health and safety risks can be managed will be opened. Because advice may vary by province or territory, please follow the current guidance in your area.

Where to camp at Parks Canada locations

Please check with specific Parks Canada places to find out what camping services are available.


To reserve a visit, please check the reservation service page.

Travellers to and within Canada

Make sure you are aware of any travel restrictions or requirements and plan well in advance before making a reservation.

Many provinces and territories are limiting access to inbound visitors and some also require mandatory self-isolation upon arrival. Those who plan to travel outside of their local area to camp at or visit a Parks Canada destination must follow all applicable travel restrictions, including requirements for self-isolation.

It is not possible to complete self-isolation periods at Parks Canada locations. This includes front-country as well as wilderness and backcountry areas. Parks Canada cannot provide exceptions to these requirements.

International travellers, and those from the U.S., must also follow all applicable travel restrictions. Please consult with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and visit for more information on current travel restrictions.

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