Acts and regulations

The Parks Canada Agency Act, which came into force in 1998, established Parks Canada as a separate Government of Canada Agency reporting to the Minister of the Environment. This Act establishes the Agency for the purpose of ensuring that Canada’s national parks, national historic sites and related heritage areas are protected and presented for current and future generations.

Parks Canada’s legislation outlines its obligations and authorities with respect to the protected places under its responsibility. The Agency uses a wide range of tools to protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage to connect Canadians to that heritage – from regulations and guidance to collaborative partnerships with individuals, environmental organizations, Aboriginal groups and other levels of government.

Parks Canada Agency is responsible for the following:


Legislation outlining Parks Canada's obligations and authorities


Regulations made pursuant to the Canada National Parks Act

Forward regulatory plan

Information on regulatory initiatives

Service standards

Service standards publicly state the level of performance that citizens can reasonably expect to encounter from Parks Canada Agency

Regulatory interpretation policy

The commitments, practices, and tools applied by Parks Canada when providing information and guidance on regulatory obligations

Administrative burden baseline

A baseline count of federal requirements in regulations and related forms that impose administrative burden on businesses

All of the government's Acts and Regulations can be found on the Justice Canada website.

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