The Government of Canada is working hard to enhance the role of Parliament and the proactive disclosure of information so that Canadians are better able to hold Parliament, their Government, and public sector officials to account.

To this end, the Government announced the mandatory publication on departmental Web sites of travel and hospitality expenses for selected government officials; contracts entered into by the Government of Canada for amounts over $10,000 (with only limited exceptions such as national security); Grants and Contributions over $25,000; and, the reclassification of positions.

Please note that information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act does not appear on this Web site.

Departmental plan

Performance goals for the coming fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Departmental results report

Results achieved compared to departmental planning expectations.

Travel and hospitality expenses

Disclosure of expenditures on travel, hospitality and conferences.

Contracts over $10,000

Parks Canada proactive disclosure of contracts valued at over $10,000.

Grant and contribution awards

Parks Canada proactive disclosure of the awarding of grants and contributions over $25,000.

Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

Get information about the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act and the disclosure process.

Office of Internal Audit and Evaluation

Internal audit reports, audit performance results, evaluation reports.

Quarterly financial reports

Parks Canada's quarterly financial reports.

Parks Canada financial statements

Departmental financial statements and future-oriented statements of operations.

Parks Canada management plans

A listing of national park, urban park, historic site and marine conservation area management plans.

Employment equity annual report

Employment equity initiatives undertaken by Parks Canada Agency.

Briefing material disclosure

Transition materials, briefing notes, briefing materials.

Access to information and privacy

Learn about the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Info Source

Parks Canada sources of federal government and employee information.

Designated Public Officer Holders

A list of Designated Public Office Holders at Parks Canada.

Service standards

Parks Canada service standards on remissions, permits, licences, and restrictions.

Current public consultations

Access a list of consultations from selected government departments and agencies.

Minister's Round Table

The Minister responsible for Parks Canada’s round table to discuss the work of the Agency with Canadians.

Administrative burden baseline

The administrative burden baseline provides Canadians with a clear metric on the total number of requirements in federal regulations and associated forms...

National inventory of buildings containing asbestos

List of owned and leased buildings and reports on whether there is a known presence of asbestos in each building.

National inventory of equipment, structures, and small buildings (ESSB) containing asbestos

List of equipment, structures, and small buildings and reports on whether there is a known presence of asbestos.

Regulatory interpretation policy

The commitments, practices, and tools applied by Parks Canada when providing information and guidance on regulatory obligations.

Camera surveillance privacy notice statement

This privacy notice summarizes the privacy practices for Parks Canada's use of video surveillance cameras.

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