Nature and science

Parks Canada scientists and Indigenous knowledge holders work together to conserve nature. We create and manage protected areas. We protect species and habitats. We help nature adapt to climate change. We restore natural areas.

Create and support new protected areas

Parks Canada and partners create, grow, and manage protected areas.

Restore and recover nature

Parks Canada works to restore and recover plant and animal species and their home.

Climate change and protected areas

Parks Canada works with nature to reduce the effects of climate change, and to help us adapt.

Indigenous leadership in conservation

Indigenous peoples have stewarded landscapes for millennia. Together we protect and restore nature.

Protect nature across lands and waters

Species live in and out of protected areas. Parks Canada collaborates to protect nature across boundaries.

Wildlife webcams and remote cameras

Our cameras capture the wild lives of wildlife.

Parks Canada conservation

Explore the top stories from the front lines of our science and conservation work. 

Care for the land: Parks Canada works to control invasive alien species

Parks Canada works with many groups to protect threatened ecosystems and wildlife from IAS.
Restore and recover nature

Restoring a quiet environment for whales

Canada’s protected waters are home to many at-risk whales. Keeping waters as quiet as possible is key for their survival.
Restore and recover nature

Invasive species: aquatic ecosystems under stress at Parks Canada

Parks Canada and partners are using innovative ways to tackle aquatic invasive species.
Restore and recover nature

Connecting with the ocean

Explore how Parks Canada protects aquatic life and celebrates marine cultural heritage.
Protect nature across lands and waters

Creating national marine conservation areas: building blocks for better health

Parks Canada is leading and supporting the creation of 10 new NMCAs by 2025.
Create new protected areas

Saving cold water loving fish in mountain national parks

Parks Canada is restoring threatened Westslope Cutthroat Trout and aquatic ecosystems in Alberta.
Restore and recover nature

Making roads safer for species at risk turtles

Learn how Parks Canada and partners reduce road mortality in turtles and how to help a turtle cross the road safely.
Restore and recover nature

Birds and climate change: can they stay or will they go?

By 2050, one in four birds in Parks Canada places may need to find new homes as a result of increased greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate change

National urban parks: conserve and connect, together

Parks Canada is collaborating with partners to protect a network of natural areas in urban centers.
Create new protected areas

Bison and the power of partnerships

Protecting bison cannot be done alone. Parks Canada works in partnership with many Indigenous communities to help bison grow and thrive.
Indigenous leadership

Making life better for bats and people in Canada

Parks Canada is committed to doing its best to slow the spread of white-nose syndrome.
Restore and recover nature

Out of sight, but not out of mind: caribou recovery at Parks Canada

Recovering caribou in Canada remains a priority for Parks Canada, both inside and outside of park borders.
Protect nature across lands and waters

Meet our conservation staff

Parks Canada helps to protect and restore nature. Get a closer look at the projects behind this work.

Become a Parks Insider

Take part in conservation

There are lots of ways to get involved in protecting nature.

Learn how to help protect the places you love
Citizen science

National program for ecological corridors

To continue to play their important role, protected and conserved areas must also be connected. That is where ecological corridors come into play.

Learn more about connected landscapes

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