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Banff Park Museum National Historic Site

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  • Mountains of Change Exhibit

    Culture and entertainment History Nature
    Two brothers looking at climate change exhibit with photos of mountains and plant life. Older brother is pointing out photo on flipbook.
    Location(s): Banff Park Museum National Historic Site
    Cost: Free admission for youth 17 and under, Adult $4.25, Senior $3.75

    Welcome to Canada’s mountain national parks - a landscape in transition because of climate change.

    The earth’s climate is getting warmer, and climate change is transforming the Canadian landscape in profound ways. In this science-based exhibit, you will discover how climate change affects our mountain national parks, how Parks Canada is responding, and how parks and healthy ecosystems can offer “natural solutions” to climate change.

  • History Comes Back to Haunt You

    Culture and entertainment History
    Location(s): Banff Park Museum National Historic Site
    Cost: $22.50 per person

    Explore the museum’s darkest corners and meet “special guests” from the past.

    Wednesday, October 25th - Saturday, October 28th, 2023

    7:00 pm and 8:30 pm nightly

    Recommended for families with children 8+ years.

    Call 403-845-3524 or email: to pre-register.

    Limited tickets at the door.

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