Interpretive experiences

Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

Blacksmith Station

Blacksmiths crank the blowers and shape iron into useful objects at the hardware store of the 1800s.

Follow the Bison Herd

Listen to stories of Indigenous Peoples following the movements of bison, and how it is integral to their culture and way of life.

Kids Activity Books

Ask for a Parks Canada Xplorers Guide filled with exploration activities. For younger kids, ages 6 and under, pick up the Parka Activity Booklet.

Métis Camp

Experience Métis culture and traditions such as fur trading, beading, fiddling, and jigging.

Play Fort

Channel your inner voyageur in this 1⁄4 scale replica of a fur trade fort. Have fun in the children’s play area and enjoy the puppet show about legendary explorer David Thompson!

Visitor Centre

Artifacts and interactive exhibits offer a window into the life of fur traders and Indigenous Peoples. Pick up a souvenir, artisan merchandise, or snack at the Trading Post Gift Shop.

Open your senses to more…

The longer you stay, the greater your chance of experiencing more ways this place is special. Perhaps you will witness an Indigenous elder leading a sacred teaching or an archaeologist will unearth an ancient artifact. Coyotes yip while the full moon rises over the river. Stay awhile, let Rocky surprise you.

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