Red chairs

Find Fort Langley's iconic red chairs—yours to discover here and across Canada.

Calendar of events

Take part in a wide range of events, special activities and memorable experiences in this unique place in Canada.

Daily activities

Interpretation schedule for Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada.

Bateau-building project

The traditional bateau created by self-taught Métis carver Pat Calihou is on display.


oTENTik camping experiences in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. Description and information about the oTENTik accommodations at Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada.

School programs

Curriculum-based learning experiences, on-site or virtual, for students of every age.

Volunteering opportunities

We invite you to share in our work, get behind the scenes, learn something new and make a difference.

Children’s play area | Xplorers program | Gold panning | PlayhouseFarm animals

Children's play area

Toddler play area

Step inside the new children’s play area, and let your imaginations run free. At the trade window, pretend to trade salmon, cranberries or furs in exchange for axe heads, blankets, rope and other props. Pack toy barrels with salmon fillets, roll them to model boats that you can pack and “paddle.” On the wall, a magnetic map of BC lets children discover the resources that drew the fur traders to the area, where Indigenous communities were already well established and trading along the network of rivers.

A dedicated toddler area with soft flooring provides a safe place for your youngest children to explore. Climb in a boat and catch fish with nets, load and roll toy barrels, collect magnetic cranberries in a basket, build a soft foam fort, and make a trade through the trade window.


Xplorers Program: X marks the spot!

Children hammering an anvil

Request your Xplorers booklet and follow the map and “X” signs to find fun activities throughout the site. Bring your sense of adventure and play the part of an 1800s Hudson’s Bay Company worker. Dress up and try out blacksmithing, barrel-making, trading and even being the boss. After completing a set number of these experiences, bring your booklet back to the Trade Shop Window or the Visitor Center to receive a certificate and souvenir.

Xplore even more with the new Southern Resident Killer Whale Xplorer book too!


Gold Panning

Children panning for gold

Did you know in 1858, Fort Langley’s peaceful trade community was shaken up by the arrival of 30,000 gold prospectors seeking gold on the Fraser River? Get a taste for gold fever! Pick up a gold pan and see if you will strike it rich.



Children building the playhouse walls

Kids! Try it out! The fort was built from on-site timber using similar methods to the playhouse here. At our playhouse, you slide these wallboards in place and climb the ladder into the loft.


Farm animals (summertime only)

four little goats

The Hudson’s Bay Company used to operate a 2000 acre farm near Fort Langley. During summer, visit our farm animals and heritage garden near the Big House. 

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