Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site

The two Cartier family residences transport visitors between past and present through citizen, social and political reflections on timeless issues.

The "West House" has a chic Victorian decor that immerses visitors in the cozy and intimate atmosphere of a privileged bourgeois family. In the "East House," stimulating current exhibits promote position-taking, collaboration, dreaming and action. There, we learn that politics can be a driving force for concrete action and that citizens too have the power to improve their society.

The Cartier homes are toured at one's own pace. We gain awareness. We marvel. Values and preferences are respectfully challenged. This is the perfect place in Montréal to learn about the birth of modern Canada and the developments of its democratic model.


State of Play


Visitors interact wiht a State of play board

State of Play immerses visitors in the Confederation debates. The population movements and power games that gave birth to Canada are revealed in a fun and mysterious world of interactive games that combines mechanisms from the 19th century with today's digital tools.

In State of Play, strength lies in numbers. It is through collaboration, manoeuvring and taking a stand that the core message takes shape: the issues of Cartier's time are not confined to his era. They are still echoed in today's modern political reality.

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Stories in Silver


A look on the Sir George-Étienne Cartier silver centerpiece

Sir George-Étienne Cartier’s greatest moments are depicted on a massive silver centrepiece, gifted to him by his constituents for his accomplishments in 1863. More than just a decorative object, this work attests to Cartier’s political accomplishments as united Canada’s Prime Minister.

Embellished with numerous figures and symbols, the centrepiece bears witness to Sir George-Étienne Cartier’s personal and private life. A visually engaging projection allows for close-up contemplations of this silversmith piece!


Imagine a Country

Rêver un pays - Imagine a country

How do you create a country? What type of government? Who would make decisions? Who would have a right to vote?

The people who played a part in the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867 each had a vision of what they thought this country should be. Since that time, Canadians have continued to shape this country through political and social involvement. They are agents of change: dreamers, activists, innovators, who roll up their sleeves and make things happen.

What about YOU? What would you like to make happen? Go ahead, imagine a country!

In collaboration with Samara Canada and Apathy is Boring

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Share your vision

  1. Download the Imagine a country file (PDF, 414 Ko)
  2. Print the page that contains the sentence that inspires you and complete it
  3. Take a picture and share your vision on your social media, #ParksCanada
HTML version
A big project for my dream country would be...
In my dream country, there would be...
In my dream country, everyone would be able to...
To me, progress means...
The first law that I would pass in my dream country would be...
In my dream country, an important thing to keep for future generations would be...
In my dream country, society would protect...
In my dream country, we would remember...
In my dream country, my fist act of conservation would be...

A Bourgeois Home

A sumptuous bourgeois decor typical of the 1860s

The interior of the "West House" has been faithfully restored to recreate the sumptuous bourgeois decor typical of the 1860s. The authentic artifacts and furniture arrangements create the cozy and intimate atmosphere sought by a privileged family from the 19th century.

This home is the only Victorian-era residence open to the public in the Greater Montréal area.


Temporary exhibition

Period gifts and decorations!
You'll be enchanted by the period gifts and decorations!

A Victorian Christmas

Every year in December, experience the Magic of the Holidays at the Cartier House!

Throughout the year, the Cartier house takes on different hues in keeping with the subjects undertaken in our guided tours. Come discover the magic of the holidays during the 19th century by visiting the thematic exhibition A Victorian Christmas at the Cartier’s.

You'll be enchanted by the period gifts and decorations. Learn about the origins of Santa Claus. Don't miss the preparations for the réveillon!

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