Visitor Guidelines – Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Fort Lennox National Historic Site

A situation beyond our control has forced us to temporarily suspend access to the fortification buildings.
From June 15, 2024, until further notice, Parks Canada staff accompanies visitors to Île aux Noix and offers a guided outdoor tour of the buildings and fortification. This 45-minute tour will be offered free of charge. Please note that it is not possible to picnic on the island. Picnic tables are available on the pier near the boarding dock.

Parks Canada administers sites that are a source of pride for all Canadians. By following a few rules, you are helping to preserve cultural and natural treasures for future generations.

1. Activity restrictions ans special events
  • Special events and private, community or commercial activities require a permit. A request must be made to Fort Lennox National Historic Site at least 12 weeks prior to the proposed date.
2. Boating
  • Visitors arriving by pleasure boat have access to the public wharf on the east side of the island. Mooring is permitted during the visit to Fort Lennox National Historic Site.
3. Cannabis, smoking and vaping
  • Smoking or the use of an electronic cigarette is prohibited on the ferry, in the fortification and within 9 meters of any open doors or windows or air intakes that are connected to an enclosed area.
  • The use of cannabis is not permitted at Fort Lennox National Historic Site. For more information on the regulation of cannabis in Parks Canada sites, please visit:
4. Garbage
  • We thank you for throwing your garbage in the bins.

5. Pets and service animals
  • Service animals are welcome, in the company of their handlers. Please keep service animals on a leash or harness during your visit.
  • Dogs on a leash are allowed in the park near the parking.
  • Pets are not allowed on Île aux Noix.

View the National Historic Parks Wildlife and Domestic Animals Regulations (DORS/81-613).

6. Videos, filming and using drones
  • If you wish to film or take commercial photos at Fort Lennox National Historic Site, you must communicate directly with us to get more information on required permits and related fees.
  • For filming that does not require special access or affect normal site operations, a simple declaration must be completed. For more information, visit A guide to film/photo shoots at Parks Canada. We also recommend you take notice of the filming suggested best practices.
  • Furthermore, please note the recreational use of drones is forbidden on Parks Canada sites. If you don’t have a permit or special permission to fly your drone on a Parks Canada site, please leave your drone at home. Learn more about drone usage rules.
7. Wildlife and flora
  • You are not allowed to entice, pet or attempt to pet, harass, or feed wild animals.
  • Stay on the trails to preserve the surrounding flora.
  • Fishing on the Richelieu shore from Île aux Noix is prohibited.
  • Wood fires are prohibited on the ground of the national historic site.
  • Swimming is prohibited.

Breaking the law in a National Park or National Historic Site can result in consequences including evictions or tickets, or in more serious cases, court appearances and/or large fines. View the Canada National Parks Act and its regulations.

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