Facilities and services

Obadjiwan–Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site

Universal Accessibility

** Entrance is free when accompanying a person with a disability.

  • Interpretation Centre
    • OBADJIWAN exposition and the administration office is wheelchair accessible
    • In the exposition, special attention was paid to the lighting, circulation area, the height of modules, readability of texts and colour contrast
    • Various sound, tactile and visual elements
    • Two wheelchairs are available to the public if needed
  • Grounds
    • Paths on the historic site accessible with assistance
    • Picnic areas are wheelchair accessible
    • Access ramps to the beach

Picnic Areas

Take advantage of the beautiful banks of Lake Témiscamingue by enjoying your picnic with your family in areas that are specially designed for this.

Souvenir Counters

Why not end your visit to Obadjiwan–Fort Témiscamingue by bringing back a little souvenir of your trip with you. "Les Amis du Vieux-Fort"  and Obadjiwan–Fort Témiscamingue invite you to come and take a look at our sales counter where you will find everything you need (local products, books, games, t-shirts, post cards, etc.).

Other services offered

Also available to visitors on the site are a pamphlet display and a pop and water machine.

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