School programs

Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Over the years, the Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site of Canada has developed an outstanding school program offering group visits or suggesting activities in the classroom.

Special school program visit

Designed to supplement to the social sciences program of study oriented on educational reform program, the special school group visit offers students the opportunity of discovering the site and participating in a number of activities.

School groups reservations

Digital comic book “Le mystère des Forges

Few boxes of the comic book
Le mystère des Forges

"La Saga des Trois-Rivières” is a free digital comic book trilogy produced by the heritage team at Culture 3R.

Created as part of a collaboration between Culture Trois-Rivières and Parks Canada, “Le mystère des Forges” is the second volume after “Territoires indomptés.”

Le mystère des Forges” offers a lighthearted presentation of the Forges du Saint-Maurice, Canada’s first industrialized establishment. An educational handbook is available for 2nd and 3rd cycle elementary school students, as well as secondary school students.

To view the first and second volumes of "La Saga des Trois-Rivières" and to download the handbooks: (in French only).


Experiences offered by Parks Canada are part of the culture and education resource directory. Financial support from the Government of Québec can be provided. For further information, please refer to the  Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur Website (French) or contact your school administration.

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