Visitor Guidelines

Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Our national historic sites are unique places and require unique rules to protect them.

Breaking the law in a national park or national historic site can result in consequences such as evictions or tickets or, in more serious cases, court appearances and/or large fines. View the Canada National Parks Act and its regulations.

Compliance with the guidelines makes it easier for everyone to co-exist and have an enjoyable experience at Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

1. Alcool

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted at Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site, except when special permission is obtained for an event.

2. Camping

Camping in all its forms (including sleeping in a vehicle) is banned on the site and in the parking lot unless special permission is granted for an event.

3. Cannabis, tobacco and vaping

In light of the Province of Quebec's legislation prohibiting the use of cannabis in public places, cannabis use is not permitted at Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site.

For more information about the regulation of cannabis at Parks Canada sites, please visit:

Be aware of provincial smoking and vaping regulations in order to respect distances from buildings, playgrounds and other facilities.

4. Clothing

Appropriate footwear and clothing is mandatory at Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site.

5. Commercial film and photography permits

Commercial filming activities have special considerations. All commercial activity is subject to business licencing and permits. Contact us to find out if your activity requires a permit.

6. Cycling

For safety reasons, cycling is not allowed on the grounds of Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site. We ask that you use the bike parking area at the park entrance or walk beside your bike while on the site.

7. Drones

All Parks Canada places are ‘no drone zones’ for recreational use.

If you do not have a permit or special authorization to fly a drone at a Parks Canada site, please leave your device at home.

Learn more about drone usage rules.

8. Fires and barbecues

You are not permitted to light a fire or use fireworks at Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site. Barbecuing is not allowed on the site.

9. Fishing

For safety reasons, fishing is not permitted on the site.

10. Garbage and litter

Never dispose of your waste anywhere other than in the trash cans. Good times at the national historic sites are safer and more rewarding when you Leave no trace of your visit. A rule of thumb is to leave no trace of having been present.

11. Horseback riding

For safety reasons, horseback riding is not allowed on the site.

12. Motor vehicles

Motor vehicles are prohibited on the trails and on the site, except for authorized vehicles. Scooters are considered motor vehicles and are not permitted on trails or in areas closed to vehicular traffic.

13. Natural and historical objects

It is illegal to collect any historical or natural objects on the site, such as plants, flowers, mushrooms, berries, animals, animal parts (including antlers), fossils, driftwood, rocks, signs and other such objects.

If you believe you have found an important object, leave it where you saw it and report your discovery to an employee of the historical site or contact us.

View the Canada National Parks Act and its regulations

14. Parking

Parking is reserved for the historic site's visitors and authorized vehicles.

Please park your vehicle only in designated areas where it does not pose a risk to other visitors.

Violators will be penalized. Overnight parking is prohibited.

15. Pets and service animals
  • Pets must stay outside and be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle or anywhere else during your visit. Wildlife, weather and unfamiliar surroundings can be frightening and even dangerous for your pet.
  • Don't let your pet chase wildlife; it's illegal and dangerous.
  • Don't forget to clean up after your pet.
  • Service animals are permitted if accompanied by their owner. Please restrain service animals with a leash or harness during your visit to Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site.

Consult the National Historic Parks Wildlife and Domestic Animals Regulations (DORS/81-613).

16. Restricted activities and special events

A number of outdoor activities require a permit. Check with Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site before engaging in non-traditional, unusual or commercial activities.

17. Swimming and water access

No swimming or water access for any boating activities is permitted at Forges-du-Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site. Also note that strong currents and fluctuating water levels that result from the upstream dam make this location on the St. Maurice River particularly dangerous.

The City of Trois-Rivières offers everyone the opportunity to cool off at its parks and water playground.

18. Wildlife and Flora
  • You are not allowed to entice, touch, harass, catch or feed wildlife.
  • Picking wild plants and flowers is prohibited.
  • Be respectful when photographing wildlife; animal behaviour is unpredictable.
  • Stay on the trails to preserve the surrounding flora.

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