Management Plan Implementation Annual Update, 2020

Louis S. St. Laurent National Historic Site

An exterior view of a general store

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Title: Louis S. St. Laurent National Historic Site — Management Plan Implementation Annual Update, 2020

Organization: Parks Canada Agency



The Louis S. St-Laurent National Historic Site Management Plan, created in 2016, sets out the long-term strategy for the site as well as how the site is administered. The mandate of Parks Canada is to protect and present significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage, and to foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of these places in ways that ensure their ecological and commemorative integrity for present and future generations.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the site remained open with limited services from July 15 to September 7. Free admission allowed access to the multimedia show and the general store. While the site was open, 642 people visited.

The purpose of this annual update is to share 2020 achievements with the public.


Key strategy 1: An important place for the community and the vitality of the regional tourism offering


The historic site is integrated in the dynamic development of the region's tourism sector.

  • The site participated in the regional promotional campaign.
  • The site has maintained a close link with the community through the Compagnons du lieu historique national Louis-S. St-Laurent, the Municipality of Compton and socio-cultural organizations.


Visitor experience opportunities organized with the community are diversified.

The historic site is part of the "Townships Trail" tourist route which highlights the human-made and natural heritage of the Eastern Townships.

Key strategy 2: A visitor experience based on authenticity


The cultural resources and landscape are kept in good condition.

  • The site team performs ongoing collections maintenance.
  • Parks Canada monitors and maintains the condition of the buildings at the national historic site on an ongoing basis.


The general store is once again the focal point for visitors.

The national historic site website has been updated with a focus on the general store.


The site's authenticity is enhanced by its close link with Louis S. St-Laurent himself.

The monuments at the burial site of former Prime Minister Louis S. St-Laurent were cleaned and the interpretive sign at the entrance to the cemetery was restored.

Conclusion — next steps

In the coming year, the site will continue to implement the objectives identified in the 2016 management plan, including continuing working together with partners, implementing a dynamic service selection, and working toward achieving regional integration.

This will strengthen the site's vitality and reaffirm the commitment of Parks Canada to preserving and showcasing the legacy of Prime Minister St-Laurent and the history of the Eastern Townships for visitors to enjoy.

In 2021, the national historic site will be open to the public. Sanitary measures will be put in place to ensure a safe visit. Parks Canada will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and adjust the site's service selection as required.

An interior view of a general store
An interior view of a general store
An interior view of a general store

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