Banff National Park

E-bikes, with the exception of pedal assist E-bikes, are not permitted on trails in Banff National Park.

  Parks Canada defines pedal assist E-bikes as follows:

  • Steered with handlebars and equipped with pedals,
  • Designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground,
  • Capable of being propelled by muscular power only,
  • Equipped with one or more electric motors which, singly or in combination:
    • have a total power output rating of 500 W or less,
    • immediately cease power assistance when the muscular power ceases, and
    • are incapable of providing further assistance when the bicycle attains a speed of 32 km/h on level ground.
  • Equipped with a safety mechanism that prevents the motor from being engaged before the bicycle attains a speed of 3km/h

For more information on where pedal assist E-Bikes are permitted, please refer to the Restricted Activity Order.

Important information:

Pedal assist E-Bikes are permitted on the following trails:

Banff area:

Trail Distance
  Banff Legacy Trail  29 km one way
  Sundance Trail  3.7 km one way
  Fenland Trail  2.1 km loop
  Tunnel Campground Loop  6.4  km loop
  Cascade Ponds - Bankhead  2.7 km one way
  Banff Avenue Trail  3.3 km one way
  Brewster Creek  8.5 km one way
  Redearth  10 km one way
  Surprise Corner to Hoodoos  4.8 km one way
  Tunnel Bench Loop  9.7 km loop
  Tunnel Technical Trails  2.7 km loop
  The Toe  7.9 km one way

Lake Louise area

Trail Distance
  Great Divide  10.5 km one way
  Bow River Loop  7.1 km loop
  Tramline  4.5 km one way

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