Banff National Park

RESTRICTED ACTIVITY: Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV or Drones)

Issued: April 01, 2017

What: Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, and notwithstanding Transport Canada Guidelines for operating Unmanned Air Vehicles, the launching, landing, or use of a UAV is prohibited except with written authorization from the Superintendent.

For the purposes of this order, a UAV is any powered device capable of sustained flight, which is controlled remotely or is self-operating, and does not carry passengers. This includes but is not limited to air or balloon drones, aeroplanes, quadcopters, rotorcraft or similar devices.

Where: Throughout Banff National Park

Why: To reduce disturbance to visitors and wildlife.

Penalty: Violators may be charged under the National Park General Regulations: maximum fine $25,000.

Effective Date: April 1, 2017
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